parsnip soup
abne, lotus & yuca chips

house smoked ocean trout
labne, lotus & yuca chips

apple salad
julienne of raw goldrush apples, radish & beets, roasted celeriac, toasted walnuts, apple cider vinaigrette

fried brussels sprouts
greek feta, buttermilk dill dressing

braised artichokes
white wine, garlic, chili flake, thyme, fried polenta

bagna cauda
cauliflower, tuscan kale, anchovy, lemon, extra virgin olive oil

carrots & sweets
roasted carrots, steamed japanese sweet potatoes, honey, cumin, lemon, toasted pumpkin seeds

crispy spaetzle
charred scallion, house smoked bacon

baked american red snapper
yukon golds, roasted tomato, kalamata & provencal olives, escarole

braised short ribs of beef
onion, garlic, red wine, tomato, yorkshire pudding popover

buttermilk panna cotta
citrus caramel, grapes, pomegranate seeds

warm apple crisp
butter, brown sugar, walnut crumb topping, vanilla ice cream